Color in the wilfdlife

hi I wanted to say what is the meaning of color in the wildlife well every body knows that there are a lot of animals with lots of color that mean something or tell you something. well my favorite animal is the elephant because I was born in Africa and elephant are closes to extinction and that is not good and when I went on Google to ask what is the  color in the wildlife and some wed sites that help me was  and discovery is a very good web site because you can ask what do the color on the animal mean well in my opinion it mean nothing sometime . anther web site I found was this web site is very good and fun and you can by animal thing and you can adopt an animal  and just to ask if you have a goldfish what is the color on there skin and when I had a goldfish it only live about 20 min and that was really sad for mean and anther web I found was and that is a cool and fun web just to say if you have an comment I would love to haer them and thanks. 


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