The Royalty color

colorful-lines-abstract-patterns-widehi welcome what is the royalty color well when I research on Google and Bing I found that purple is the royalty color and it say that the color purple is associated with mystery’s and wisdom and magic and purple is made up of equal amount of red and blue ,red is consider the warmest  color  while blue is the coolest color and put that all together they create a perfect color. The wed site that I found that relate to this is this is a good wed site is can tell you more information that you want to know more about royalty color. why is purple the royalty color well because it has wealth and power for countries ‘and queen Elizabeth I forbad anyone except close family members that are in the royalty family and the wed site is and this wed site is really good it can tell you more if you like. if you like this blog click like and follow me and that will be good bye.  


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